Eye Kandy

Guess what's available on Make-upjungle.com now!?! I am so excited to introduce Eye Kandy to you!

What is Eye Kandy you ask? Well let me tell you:
~ It will put a twinkle in your eye
~ Add that little extra something that has everyone wondering, what's she wearing?

Who's wearing Eye Kandy in Hollywood? Jennifer Lopez loves to wear the color Toffee and Dancing With The Stars cast wears Eye Kandy to make their eye's pop!

Eye Kandy is completely safe for your skin, eyes and contact lenses. It can be applied on top of your eyeliner or on top of your eye shadow to give a more intense look! You control how much you want to Sparkle! :)

You can wear Eye Kandy anywhere, even the office! It comes in a variety of beautiful colors and glitter cuts.

Eye Kandy is made up of two things:

~ Liquid Sugar which is a water based sealer that bonds glitter, metallics and micas(powder make-up) to your eyelids, lips or any other skin surface.

~ Sprinkles are a high-end pure cosmetic product glitter.

Put the two together and voila EYE KANDY!

To learn more about Eye Kandy and purchase, please visit my website at Make-upjungle.com

Prepare to be be-dazzled with Eye Kandy Cosmetics!

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