Z Palette

I recently purchased a couple of empty makeup palettes from Z Palette at IMATS Pasadena and I am so glad I did. These are great for travel! In a recent trip to Dallas, I didn't want to take up room in my makeup bag by carrying all of my makeup, so I coordinated my outfits for the trip and then picked which color eyeshadows and blushes I would take and put them in my Z Palette. They really help cut down on space and weight for travel. The palettes come in 2 sizes - small and large and are customizable and magnetic. I purchased both sizes so I can use accordingly. They are sturdy and have a clear lid so you can see what you have in them. I love that they come in several designs and colors too. Of course mine are zebra print, ha!!
If you like to depot your shadows and blushes, then this is the perfect solution for placement.
You can purchase yours at ZPalette.com
Why not organize and simplify your life with ZPalette!

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