CVS Beauty Club

Have you heard about the CVS Beauty Club. I was in the store yesterday picking up a few things and saw a display of tear off coupons to join.

I took my purchases to the counter and gave the lady the form. She scanned my CVS club card and then the coupon. It instantly gave me some coupons which she printed so I could use on my current purchase of already on sale items ~ SCORE!!

Then, you get $5 for every $50 you spend on beauty products at CVS and we all know that can add up fast!

I believe you can sign up for this on their website at CVS and you can get additional coupons, promotions, etc. emailed to you.

Don't have a CVS near you, check your favorite drugstore for a deal like this. I would also check the website. A lot of these stores have online deals. If you can save money, why not!!

Happy Shopping...:)

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