In keeping with my latest post under Techniques & Tips, I wanted to tell you about 4 easy steps to GREAT lips!

  1. Take care of your lips by using chapstick and always moisturizing. Like I stated, "nothing looks worse than lipstick on chapped lips."
  2. Use a well-sharpened lip liner to line your lips. You can use a color that matches the lipstick or one that is a little darker to frame(outline) the lips.
  3. Lipstick - here comes the color! So many choices - textures, tones - matte, frost, satin. Where do you begin? I would say first and foremost, its a personal choice. What feels good on your lips? Some people can't stand the feel of matte lipstick, others love it! The matte will give you a more definite color and if you don't care much for the feel, see step 4. :) As for the color, what looks good with your skin tone and what you are wearing? One look that I have loved doing lately is wearing my eye make-up dramatic and then nude lips. It will make your eyes really pop yet complete your look. One thing I learned years ago is even lipstick colors look different on everyone. I don’t know why, but I thought lips were lips and if a friend had on a color I liked, it would look the same on me. Not always the case… Who knew!
  4. Lip Gloss – ooh la la, sexy! It shines like glass on your lips. Just like the lip liner, you can choose a color to match the lipstick or go darker or even lighter. I find that the lighter lip glosses tend to blend in with the lipstick nicely. Sometimes I will put on a lipstick and discover it is darker than what I wanted, so I put on a lip gloss that compliments it but is a little lighter. It will soften up the harshness of the dark lipstick.

P.S. Girls be sure to use a straw with your drinks to keep those beautiful lips shining!

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  1. thank you , I learn more from your tips. I will pay attention to your blog.