I love trying new colors on my eyes! Whether it be eyeshadows, eyeliners or both. You can use colors that match your outfit or colors that compliment it. Either way, it works! It's really fun when you wear a print top or dress that has several colors - then you really have choices! Example: I have a print top that has turquoise, light green, black and white in it. You can do a couple of things here with your eyes: 1) put a light neutral color over your entire eyelid and then put turquoise or light green all over the bottom half of your lid; 2) do the same thing as option one but then add the opposite color in the crease. It can be a light, airy spring look or deep and dramatic, depending on the shades you choose. Another option would be to do the same as option 1 but then use the opposite color for eyeliner. So, let's say you put turquoise all over the bottom have of your eyelid, then take a green eyeliner to line the eye. I typically always line my eye in black or brown first and then do a colored eyeliner over the bottom lashes on top of and under the black. This helps add depth to your eyes and gives a lighter, smokey look. Another fun thing is to wear all black and use colored eyeshadows. You can't go wrong with colors if you are wearing all black. One St. Patrick's Day I didn't have anything green that I could wear to work, so I wore all black and did my eye's up in green. It was kind of funny because people would see me from behind and tell me I wasn't wearing green and when I would turn around, they wouldn't be able to say much more. I think they kind of expected that from me! :) So, don't be afraid to try out those colors!

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