Brush vs. Sponge Applicator

Put down those sponge applicators girls! I know, it’s hard but you will thank me later. 10 years ago, that's what I used too. Brushes are the key to getting the application you want. When I first switched over to brushes I thought, I’ll never get the hang of this & it takes too long to apply my make-up. Once you get used to it though, it will be so easy. I can’t imagine using a sponge applicator now. I don't think I even own one. Ha! You have greater blending ability with brushes and they hold more product than a sponge, so you can sweep the brush longer to get the effect you want. Plus, brushes aren’t going to absorb your products like a sponge does. I do recommend investing in a good set of brushes. They don’t have to be super expensive but if the bristles fall out every time you use them, your wasting your money. I have some MAC brushes that I have had for 10 years now. While the initial cost may be expensive, you will have them for years. Just be sure to take good care of them and clean them! The best way to start is with a set. Some brands carry them all the time and others like MAC have them throughout the year. By purchasing a set you are saving money because when you buy them individually, it can add up real quick. However, if you are on a budget, buy one at a time and before you know it, you will have your own set. Keep an eye out though, I may be selling brushes soon! :) I'm working on a store.
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