With summer here, it’s time to re-analyze our make-up for the season. It’s like going from boots to sandals. Time to put away the dark colors and bring out those beautiful summer shadows, blushes and lipsticks. I’m not saying you can’t do a dark smoky eye but let’s try and leave that for evenings right now.
Do you tend to play it safe with neutrals? Why not liven that up a little with a light peach blush and lipstick. Maybe incorporate a light yellow or orange on the lid followed with a brown in the crease. If you struggle with color coordinating shadows go shopping and find a cute top or dress that is a print – or just look in your wardrobe. This will show you what colors go well together and help you incorporate them into your makeup. Try using a purple or blue eyeliner instead of your usual black or brown or even apply eye shadow of a different color under your lower lashes.
If you tend to get darker during summer months, you may need to go a shade darker on your foundation/powder too. Just remember to always use a sunscreen on your face because while tan skin looks pretty, you want to protect your skin from premature aging from the sun. A bronzer is a must have for every makeup kit. Just make sure you don’t apply too much and have a white neck with dark face. Blend, blend, blend…

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