What Should I Be For Halloween?

I cannot even believe it’s going to be October! Where has this year gone? This is my favorite time of the year though…I love fall and winter!! I know it can be challenging sometimes to figure out what you want to be for Halloween. You go to a party and 5 other people are the same thing or have the same commercial outfit you can buy anywhere. They are cheaply made but expensive to buy! I wanted to give you a couple of creative ideas for Halloween that aren’t expensive and you may even have all you need right in your closet & makeup case. One of these costumes even won me most creative costume at a party one year. ;)

Sooo, read on for some creative ideas…

v This came by mistake one year. I bought this cute black wig on sale and when I got home, the picture on the front looked nothing like the wig. I looked in the mirror frustrated, taking my fingers through the hair and just messing it up. Then I thought, that’s it, I look like a trendy hairdresser. The wig was short and layered and kinda flipped out on the sides. It was so cute! So why not be a hairdresser for Halloween. The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea.

You will need the following for this look: smock apron (I bought a bright green plastic one at Sally’s for like $6), hair clips, brushes, combs and anything that you would use on your hair. My apron had pockets in the front so I put brushes and combs in there and clipped some clips on the edges. You can put a bottle of hairspray in there too. Another idea that would have been good, but I didn’t think about this until after the fact would have been a name tag pinned on the apron with a salon name. The wig is optional. You can always style your hair the way you like it. I just loved the wig and was determined to use it. I wore thick black eyeliner and red lipstick with a beauty mark painted on my face. I love how when you go to some salons the girls all look so cute and trendy, so that is the look I was going for. While I didn’t win a prize for this costume, everyone loved it and it was fun & inexpensive!!

v Now for the look that won me a prize. I went as a MAC cosmetics girl. I bought a large black t-shirt and cut out the neckline so it would hang off my shoulder. I bought some flat back crystals at a craft store and glued them on the shirt to spell MAC real big and Make-up underneath it. I wore a black hat with hair in low ponytail on the side, big silver earrings, black leggings and boots. Then, my wonderful husband got creative with my brush case, and turned it into a belt for me using a black belt and tape. I wore my makeup dramatic with smoky eye and that’s it. Again, had a great time with this costume and it was a huge hit!!

So remember, you don’t have to pay a lot for a costume. Be creative and have fun with it!!

Happy “almost” Halloween!!

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