Reviews, reviews, reviews

I am a believer in reading reviews – to a point! While I do reviews on products myself, in the end, each item is an individual preference. The reason I say to a point is because, what may work for one person doesn’t always work for the next. It can be frustrating when you start reading reviews on a product and one review contradicts the next. Especially when you were so excited about possibly purchasing that item! The good things about reviews are you get to read peoples pros and cons on products before you make your purchase, or not! I’ve purchased products before that I absolutely love and read reviews where it didn’t work for another person. That’s why there are so many products out there. I’ve also had the reverse where I read rave reviews about something, purchase it, don’t like it and end up having to return it. It’s always nice if you can get a sample of a product before you purchase. A lot of stores have samples on hand that they can give you. I know Sephora is great about making samples for you! My mom used to always get a sample of perfume to try before purchasing because she wanted to make sure it smelled good on her, not a cardboard stick. Let’s face it, spraying perfume on a piece of paper is not likely to smell the same on you! Reviews are great but in the end, it just depends on what works for you.

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