Milani knows what they're talking about...

Milani says that their Crystal Gloss will leave your lips feeling soft and supple and after using for several days, I can agree with Milani 100%. Not only do your lips feel soft, the application leaves a beautiful shine that lasts for hours and they smell great too! You can pair with your favorite lipstick or wear alone for a quick on the go look! Either way, it’s a win, win situation!
I also like that the packaging is a compact little tube so you can fit it in your clutch for a night on the town or keep several in your makeup bag for everyday use. At $5.49 each with 10 colors to choose from, you can stock up on these great glosses! Available at local drug stores (check their website for a list of retailers) and online at MilaniCosmetics.com

This swatch is of Hush-Hush, a beautiful nude color! I recommend trying these glosses as the payoff is great and with 10 colors to choose from, why not get several...:)

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