What's my favorite eye shadow color???

I go through fazes where I like to wear many eye shadow colors but after all these years, my favorite color of all time is Sketch by MAC. There is something about this color that just mesmerizes me! I have hazel eyes and it really brings out the green in the hazel. Especially if you pair it with pink shades. Below is a swatch of Sketch along with some colors I think work great with Sketch. As you can see, the colors vary from earthy to more pink tones. All of the colors I swatched are MAC and of course you can pair Sketch with other brands but I stuck with MAC for this particular project!

You can use Sketch in many ways too...use as a crease color with a lighter color on the lid or use all over the lid for a darker, smokey look. A great bold combo is to apply Coppering all over the crease, blending out so it's above the crease and then applying Sketch in the crease and outer "V" area.
There are many other shades you can pair with Sketch that I don't own at the moment like MAC's Paradisco or Amber Lights. If you use Sketch, I would love to hear what you pair it with...Do tell! :)

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