Eye Chart Diagram

Do you get confused when people say, apply liner in your waterline or put that color on your lid? You sit there thinking, where exactly is my waterline? I put this eye chart diagram together to help break things down for you.

This chart will also help you better understand how the brushes I sell at Make-upjungle.com are used.

Here are some words from The Glamour Glossary to help define the parts of the eye (in the beauty world):

Lid – The area below the crease and right above your upper lash line. For makeup purposes, we will divide it into 3 sections:

Inner Lid – The area closest to the tear duct and nose.

Middle of Lid – The center of the lid between inner and outer lid.

Outer Lid – The area in the outer most part of the eyelid closest to your hair line.

Waterline – The inner rim of your lash line.

Browbone – The bone right below your eyebrow (area between the crease and eyebrow).

Crease – The middle of the eye where you feel your eye socket. Think of it as the indent in the center of your eyelid.

Tear Duct – The inner most part of the eye.

Lower Lash Line – The area just below the bottom eyelashes (eyeliner placement).

Upper Lash Line – The area just above the top eyelashes, where lashes meet your eyelid (eyeliner placement).

Outer V – The outer most part of the eye.

Highlight – The highest point of your eye right under your eyebrow

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