Lipstick for a good cause...

This lipstick and lipgloss have been out for a little while but I thought it would be good to do a write up about it for several reasons:
1) It is the perfect "nude lip" color combo! I love using this combo when I do a more dramatic eye and want something more subtle on the lips. I always carry these in my purse and it seems to be my go to color these days! Perfect for travel if you only want to carry one lipstick because it goes with everything!
2) Did you know that all of the money from the sale of MAC Viva Glam products goes toward the MAC Aids Fund? That alone is a great reason to purchase this product! Not only are you getting a great product, your money is going towards a great cause!

I was told at a MAC store that these are not a permanent color, :( but they should be out for at least another year. :) I will be stocking up on this one, that's for sure!
You can purchase at any MAC store or online at MACCosmetics.com

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