Perfectly Pink For Summer...

Here's a color I bet a lot of you don't think of using on your eyes. When you think of pink you probably think of lipstick, blush or nail polish. What about your eyes though? Pink is absolutely gorgeous on brown and green eyes and if you have hazel eyes, it will really bring out the green in your eyes. Don't worry, I didn't forget about you blue-eyed gals! Pink can be worn with any eye color. I love to use a light frosty pink all over my lid, like in this picture, and then apply a darker, hot pink in the outer corner and/or crease. It gives a nice lift to the eyes by using lighter, brighter colors! Pastels are a great color tone for Spring and Summer! The nice thing about wearing pink shadows is if you wear a black or even brown outfit, it lightens the look. Pair it with a black or brown eyeliner and you are all set!
So girls, get out of your comfort zone and think pink the next time you apply eye shadow...:)

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