That One Color...

I think everyone has that one palette of eye shadow with one color that has never been used. While the other colors are fading away, that one color remains untouched. It stares at you every time you open the palette as if to say, " pick me, pick me!" So, why not pick that color, don't be afraid. If you are thinking, I have nothing in my closet that will match it, think again. You can always wear black or white or possibly even brown. The company that manufactured that palette obviously thought enough of that color to include it! Try swatching it on your hand with a few of the other colors in the palette, you might be surprised at how well it looks. Trust me it's there for a reason. So venture into that color you never touch and just think, it could just be your newest favorite color!


  1. So true so true :D love this post it made my day! ^^