NYX Slide On Pencil

If your looking for a creamy eye liner pencil in a rainbow of colors with great staying power, then you need to try NYX's Slide on Pencils. I am excited to find these pencils because I fell in love with the Milani eye pencils, but they only come in 5 colors right now. So, NYX is making up for the colors Milani is lacking! I first purchased a couple of the colors to try them out and have purchased a few more since then. I hope to get all of them at some point! I wore the purple liner on my lower lash line at a wedding in Texas recently, with over 100 degree weather and I have to say, by the end of the night the liner was still on. That's pretty amazing if you ask me! I wouldn't think any makeup would have stay put in that weather!

I love how vibrant the colors are too! They go on so smooth and easy and at $8.00 each, you can pick up a handful of them.

18 great colors to choose from.
Available at NYXCosmetics.com and Ulta.com
Keep an eye out with Ulta for their sales and coupons and you can save money and get even more of these great liners! :)

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  1. the purple one is gorgeous...i dont know i seem to like everything purple nowadays:)