Oohhh Baby Cakes....

Oohhh Baby Cakes, Laura Geller has done it again. Another great product and her line is now available at Ulta. Yesss...only a 10 minute drive for me!

So, I was recently at Ulta for a few things and of course had to look up and down the aisles of makeup at other stuff to see what's new. I came across the Laura Geller display and got so excited! I have been wanting to try her blushes and saw 4 different colors to choose from. I swatched them on my fingers and of course, wanted them all! Since I hadn't tried them before, I thought I better behave and pick just one and then if I like, get more. I know, it's Laura Geller, why wouldn't I just love them! I was looking at her other products as I kept looking at the swatches trying to figure out which one I would get when I zoned in on her Baby Cakes baked blush palette. I couldn't believe my eyes, all 4 colors in one palette. Score! Now granted if you buy them alone they are bigger but blush goes a long way and getting to have all 4 colors made me very happy!

Colors Included:
Sunswept - A swirl of pink, golden peach and bronze.
Golden Apricot - Apricot, cream, gold and a hint of rose.
Pink Grapefruit - Swirls of beige, mauve and pink shimmer.
Sugar Free Raspberry - (matte)A neutral blend of light pink, berry and beige.

While Golden Apricot and Pink Grapefruit seem to look the same swatched, they are very different in person.

This is a perfect blush palette for travel. It comes with a small retractable brush and you have a variety of colors to choose from.

I love how soft these blushes are and they apply & blend effortlessly with buildable coverage to achieve the look you want. If you are in the market for new blush, I highly recommend Laura Geller's Baby Cakes, whether you buy one or buy the palette.

Available at: LauraGeller.com
in Ulta stores and Ulta.com


  1. Lovely warm neutral colours perfect for everyday looks :) love it thanks for sharing!


  2. Those are really pretty colors, but they all seem very similar. I'd love to see you use them in different looks. :-)