There's a NEW Brush in Town...

I am proud and excited to announce the launch of a new brush at Make-upjungle.com #818 Blending Fluff Brush. You can shade and blend your colors in the crease area with this fantastic blending brush! Perfect for softening harsh edges and a must have for any makeup lover!

Now, let's compare brushes... MAC's #217 Blending brush vs. Make-up Jungle #818. Can you tell the difference?

OK, so besides the fact that my MAC 217(right) is a little worn they are identical. Oh wait, there is one BIG difference...the price! MAC 217 is $22.50 and Make-up Jungle 818(left) is only $8.00. The quality is there without the high prices! :) I would also state that MAC's 217 is slightly fuller (but that could be because I've used it for awhile)HA! Other than that, a perfect dupe!

So, if you're in the market for a fantastic blending brush and don't want to pay a fortune, check out our NEW #818 Blending Fluff Brush.

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  1. sweet!!! a blending brush is always a necessity!