Make Me Up Pretty

I was recently given the opportunity to have a guest blogger submit an article to me and without hesitation, I gladly agreed to post this wonderful article below. Jackie contacted me asking if she could post this article about Mesothelioma Cancer and beauty. Those that have had cancer are near and dear to my heart, as I lost my mom to breast cancer 2 years ago. When you have cancer, you not only want to feel good but you want to look good. Cancer and chemo are harsh on the skin.

Make Me Up Pretty
By: Jackie Clark

Women who've received a prognosis of cancer may despair that they can go through medical treatment and still look and feel beautiful. Doctors address the symptoms of diseases like mesothelioma cancer, caused by asbestos exposure, but most do not discuss issues like using organic makeup for skin that may be more sensitive than normal.

We've often been told that beauty of much more than skin deep. This is a concept that most women believe; yet when a woman looks in the mirror, she may not focus on the inner beauty as much as what she feels is lacking on the outside. Taking the extra time to buy a new outfit and use high quality makeups like mineral makeups or makeups made from organic plant pigments can help a woman hold on to her femininity even if she is undergoing treatments that cause hair loss, pale skin, weight loss or bloating.

By focusing on her favorite feature, such as big, blue eyes, a woman can accentuate that feature and show it off, thus increasing confidence. Features the patient dislikes can be camouflaged with simple shading techniques. For example, if a woman's nose is wider than she likes, a bit of darker foundation or bronzer on either side of the nose and a lighter streak of white or light foundation down the center will help make the nose appear slimmer. Chubby cheeks can appear slimmer by adding bronzer in the hollow and color on the apples of the cheeks. A darker shadow in the crease of the eyelid, eyeliner and mascara make anyone's eyes appear larger. If you've lost your lashes due to chemotherapy, try some of the easy, glue less false lashes available at any general merchandise store that has a health and beauty section.

Ultimately, beauty starts by loving yourself and all you have to offer the world. The truth is that most women are much more critical of themselves than others ever would be. It doesn't matter if your lashes are gone, your skin is ashen and you've lost too many pounds - if you are confident in the way you look, others will see you as beautiful. Makeup can help that inner beauty shine on the outside, but it is just an enhancement that sets off your already beautiful features.

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