How Long Do I take to do my Make-up...??

A question I hear often from friends is "How long does it take you to do your makeup?" It depends on the look I'm doing but on an every day basis, it takes about 20-25 minutes. The more you do it the quicker you get...Practice = Speed! If I'm going out on a Saturday night and have time to play though, I've been known to take an hour, ha!  Reasons why I spend the time to do my makeup: Confidence - I love the way I feel when I have my makeup, hair and outfit put together. It just gives an added confidence and if you look good, you will feel good! Advertising - my face is my #1 advertisement for my brushes. I always carry business cards with me and when someone compliments my makeup, I give them a card and tell them about the brushes I sell. I've even sold brushes to high end makeup counter employees this way. ;) even they like a great price! I let them know, it starts with the right tools. It's FUN! I truly LOVE putting on makeup! It's like a hobby and every day brings a different look.  I can also curl my hair really fast and put an outfit together rather quickly, so it allows more time for the makeup! Yeah! When you enjoy something, you make the time and it is time well spent! What's your routine like? How long does it take you? Would love to hear your comments!! :)


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  2. it's always interesting to hear how many minutes it takes other people to put on their make up :) i need around 15minutes