I - Intense
N – Next brand to be in every State, I predict (and hope)!
G – Greatly affordable
L – Love, Love, Love their products!
O – Organized – I love how organized their stores are!
T – Tremendous selection of colors and palette sizes.

If there were an “A” in the word Inglot, it would stand for AMAZING!! I first heard about this brand on Twitter and thought, where can I get this product. I searched online and found stores starting to pop up in the US. Yeah! It so happens that we were planning a vacation, which included a trip to New York City and there is an Inglot store right in Times Square. I was so excited to go! The first time I went into the store (yes, more than 1 trip was made within a 5 day period), I bought several things. It’s funny, you walk in and the women are shopping and men are sitting on the couches with cell phone in hand. Ha! My husband knew right where to go ~ lol!

I love how the store is set up. So well organized! You can purchase eye shadows individually or in custom palettes you make. They have a variety of palette sizes to choose from too. They give you a magnetized tray and you pick the colors you want and then they make the palette for you. I heard the shadows and eyeliners were great, so I wasn’t sure what else I wanted, but knew where I wanted to start. I purchased 2 eyeliners and 2 10-palette shadows. I thought I could get away with purchasing just 1 10-palette but who was I kidding, that wasn’t happening with all the gorgeous colors they have! The girl that helped me was awesome too! She set up my palettes organizing the colors for me. The palettes have a magnetized lid and you can take the lid off of one, stack them and then put lid on top.

The shadows have such a soft, velvety feel to them and the colors are so beautiful. I’ve swatched the colors for you to see. The colors are #’s not names. I even made notes in my phone with a list of the colors I purchased so I can keep track when I go to the store for more. I’m like a kid in a candy store, when I walk in, I forget everything. Ha!

For the gel eyeliners, they advertise them as waterproof/smudge proof and they are right. They really stay on well! Just make sure you clean your brush really well each time or you will get buildup and the brush will be stiff. I bought 2 different colors on the first visit. They are matte which is nice because you can add shimmer on top with shadow or pigments if you like. The thing I like about these eyeliners is the line you make on your eye stays well defined throughout the day. With other eyeliners I have to do touch ups if I’m going out in the evening. Not with Inglot!

For my second visit, I wanted a couple more of the eyeliners so I went back to get those and also wanted to try their lipstick. I bought one lipstick and sure glad I did. They are so creamy and have Vitamin E in them which is great for your lips. I was curious about their liquid foundation and asked if I could get a sample. They gave me samples of 2 kinds and I fell in love with the Cream Foundation. My husband even made a remark that my foundation looked better than it had in the past. Yes!!! I was so bummed when the sample ran out. Thank goodness I have an Inglot close to me in California and made a trip to that store last weekend to purchase the foundation!

Inglot has a full line of cosmetics including nail polish and eyelashes. I highly recommend this brand and hope you are able to try them out soon. They seem to be growing quickly in the United States so keep an eye out. Check their website often at www.inglotcosmetics.com to see if a location has come to your town. Can’t wait to check out the Las Vegas locations soon!

They have the following locations in the United States:
The Forum Shops at Caesars
Town Square
Aventura Mall
Newport Beach – Fashion Island
Westfield Garden State Plaza
1592 Broadway – Time Square

You can also call a store and place an order and they will ship to you.

I know this is a long article but I believe this is a brand that is well worth every word…!!!

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