A New Year, A New You...

I can't believe it is 2012! With that said, it's time to kick start your goals for the new year. I notice every year in the January weekly ads that everyone advertises workout things and organization items. Let's talk about our beauty routine though. The winter months are upon us and it is time to amp up your moisturizing and exfoliating routine.
Have you gotten a little lazy with your routine due to the hustle and bustle of holiday madness?! It's easy to do. And, it's flu season which dries out skin even more. I have been fighting a cold for a week now and the skin around my nose is drier. So, the other day I gave myself an at home facial and it felt so good!

Here is what I used:

Burt's Bees Citrus Facial Scrub

For exfoliating I usually use my Jafra scrub brush (like Clarisonic, but much less expensive)but since my skin has been sensitive due to my cold, I thought something a little less abrasive would be better! The Burt's Bees is gentle enough to be used daily!

I then followed up with Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster all over my face. It contains Vitamin C and offers long-term hydration and nourishment for your skin.

Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel

Next, I applied this gel all around my eyes. This product feels so great! It reduces puffiness and really hydrates!

I then followed up with my night time Ole Henriksen moisturizer for dry skin all over my face and neck.

While this wasn't a facial with mask and all, it was much needed since I had neglected my face for a few days. Bad girl! I didn't want to do too many things since the skin around my nose is irritated from being sick! It's no excuse to neglect your skin but I am back on track now.

It's important to exfoliate and moisturize your skin! Your make-up will apply and look better and your skin will thank you.

So here's to a new year of doing better with your skin routine! It only takes a few minutes...:)

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