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I was recently introduced to a new product line(new to me). I was at our local Ulta and one of the artists working there had a flawless face. His makeup looked perfect! I asked what makeup he was wearing and he said It Cosmetics. So my research began on the product line. It Cosmetics stands for Innovative Technology Cosmetics and is a line that was created by Jamie Kern. Jamie works with leading plastic surgeons to develop innovative, clinically-proven, problem-solving products infused with the latest breakthroughs in anti-aging technology. I asked the artist what products he used and asked about all the other products. I color swatched, color matched and went home to make my list so I could place an order online. Ulta was out of a few things and to be honest, my head was spinning when I left there. I went home, got online and placed my first order. That was over a month ago. I just received my 2nd order today! :)


One of the main products I wanted to try is the Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream. Everyone says you can use it as a foundation and they are right. I like good coverage that's creamy and this product delivers.

It Cosmetics says, It's your full coverage foundation, brightening color, anti-aging serum, pore minimizing primer, dark spot corrector, moisturizing day cream, plus UVA/UVB broad spectrum physical only SPF 50+ all in one easy step! Infused with cutting edge anti-aging technology and is clinically proven to improve skin texture, brightness and increase skin hydration by 79%. Formulated with plastic surgeons to merge high-performance skincare with the benefits of color-correcting makeup. Plus, it delivers luminous and healthy looking skin with powerful anti-aging repair benefits for perfect coverage. Your supple and flawless skin but better!

I knew this product was right for me when I was talking to a friend of mine and she's looking at my face and she says, "Your face looks airbrushed". I wanted to kiss her! :)

To apply: I pump some foundation on the back of my hand and use my finger to dot it onto my face(dot, dot, dot). Then I use a stippling foundation brush and stipple it on. Don't swirl or wipe brush across your face, just tap, tap,. tap. It blends so easily and flawless this way. By doing this you also avoid brush strokes on your face, which can leave the face looking uneven.


I have never been a big fan of concealers. In fact, when talking to makeup artists and they talk about concealers and I say I don't use one, their jaw drops. I always think, maybe I should be using one. ha! I've just never found one I like and never felt like they made much difference. Well, that has changed! I bought It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Anti Aging Concealer and have used it every day since my first order. That's a record for me.

It Cosmetics says, Full coverage, waterproof, yet moisturizing, concealer with anti-aging ingredients to combat dark circles while it conceals. 70% of skin stones are neutral medium.

Working hand in hand with leading plastic surgeons, Bye Bye Under Eye was created as a full coverage, highly pigmented anti-aging concealer that utilizes truly innovative technology and ingredients - giving women the power to finally say "bye -bye!" to stubborn under-eye issues. Bye Bye Under Eye offers a waterproof, yet moisturizing, formula that stays put no matter what. The truly innovative formula contains high concentrations of Vitamins K, A, C, E and Collagen, which are clinically proven to reduce under eye puffiness and discoloration while strengthening the delicate skin of the under eye area.

I love how creamy this product is and the coverage is fantastic! I bought it in the fairest shade they have so I could have the under eye, bright glow. I would recommend going 1 to 2 shades lighter than your foundation to achieve this look. Make sure you have a light colored powder that matches or you can use It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores translucent powder to set it.

To apply: First let me say, a little goes a long way. It comes out thick though so you can control how much you squeeze out of the tube. Unlike pump concealers, which I don't care for! I squeeze a small amount out on the back of my hand and then with ring finger, tap it to warm it up so it's easy to apply. Dot it onto my under eye area and then I take the It Cosmetics concealer brush (yes, even though I have my own line of makeup brushes I bought this brush). :) and stipple it on. It blends so nicely and looks great! I just bought a second one to match my face so I can apply in other areas of the face where I don't want the light/brightness look. Basically to match my foundation color.


I am more a fan of compact powders than I am loose powders, however, I wanted to give them both a shot when it came to It Cosmetics because of the different things they do. 
It Cosmetics says,
Celebration Foundation - (compact): comes in Replenishment and Illumination finish
Full-Coverage Anti-Aging Foundation with Hydrolyzed Collagen, Peptides and Drops of Light Technology. For a naturally flawless, soft-focus, skin-perfecting finish use with our Dual Airbrush Foundation Concealer Brush.
“To finally give women the power to achieve flawless looking skin, and true complexion perfection in 30 seconds! We worked with plastic surgeons to develop an anti-aging powder foundation, that doesn’t crease, doesn’t crack and doesn’t make you look older and completely covers anything and everything! It’s packed with anti-aging ingredients and gives a true airbrushed look that works on all ages! I could never find a powder that looks flawless on even the most mature skin, and Celebration Foundation does!” Jamie Kern Lima, Creator IT Cosmetics.

I love the feel of this powder. It feels creamy going on although it's a powder. This powder can be worn alone as a foundation or over your It Cosmetics CC cream. I personally like it over my CC cream because I love the feel, look and finish of the two combined. I use my Kabuki brush, which you can purchase on this blog under Face Brushes. Swirl and buff onto your face for a flawless finish.  

It Cosmetics says, 
Bye Bye Pores - (loose powder):
Bye Bye Pores HD Micro Finishing Powder is the perfect setting powder and all over face finishing powder. This powder is infused with hydro collagen to smooth lines, luxurious silk for a poreless finish, and vitamin K to help reduce discoloration. It also contains anti-aging anti-oxidants Vitamins A, C, and E to help ward off free radicals throughout the day. This translucent formula works on most skin tones. Talc, paraben, sulfate, mineral oil, petrolatum, synthetic fragrance, and phthalate free. Hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic.

This loose powder truly does say goodbye to pores. It's AMAZING!! I use this as the final product on my face. After blush, bronzer, evrything. It brings your whole look together and softens any harsh lines to give you that truly flawless, airbrushed look! I use my Powder Face Brush (available on this blog), load up my brush and softly whisp it over my entire face, finishing in a circular motion.

I just can't say enough great things about their products!  I have a couple of their other items that I have been using and will review on here soon. They are all A+++ amazing reviews too!!

I also have some other products of there's that I'm looking forward to buying. Really want to get their My Sculpted Face kit and some blushes and some lip products and, and and.... One thing at a time though or two or three...:)

It Cosmetics products are available at: It Cosmetics, Ulta, at Ulta stores and on QVC. You can also check It Cosmetics site, scroll to the bottom and search Store Locator for a store near you. :) If you order from their site, I can tell you, they ship FAST!!

More on their wonderful products soon...:)

It Cosmetics says Thank You and I say, right back atcha... ;)

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